Tel: 01772 744719
Fax: 01772 842181

We Do

  • Help people on a 1 to 1 basis with their homes
  • Use the internet to speed things up and communicate with people
  • Tell clients what's going on, and return telephone calls

We Don't

  • Operate a team system miles away with no one person as a contact
  • Hide behind technology in the name of progress
  • Say "your call is important to us" and then leave you hanging on

Our Pledges

We pledge to employ local staff and stay out of the major City Centres

We pledge to give value for money by using Price Watch*

We pledge to check the prices of other firms and to stay in line

We pledge to keep an eye on your costs and our budgets

*Price watch is the system whereby we check on the prices others charge and our own budgets in order to remain competitive

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