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The Covid-19 out break has affected all of us and we must be very careful. However, we owe it to ourselves and to the economy to continue as best we can, to carry on with our lives, and not let the situation defeat us but whatever we do.


Can we continue to convey property? The short answer is that if we stick to the Government guidelines, Yes, we can. The list of situations that allow for the sale and purchase of property is not as long as it used to be, and much of it is set out below. This is not an exhaustive list, but you can convey a property if:

  1. You are a Local Authority tenant and involved in a Right to Buy or Right to Acquire transaction
  2. The property that you are buying, or selling is empty. This can be for various reasons such as the sale from someone’s estate, or the owner has simply moved out for whatever reason. They may be moving in with a partner or going to live in a care home. They could have another property already. Empty is empty and the social distancing is not a problem.
  3. You are currently in rented accommodation and you do not need to move into your new home on the day you buy it. It is not unusual for a tenancy agreement to overlap a purchase by a week or a couple of days. Staying in the rented property for a little while longer will cost a little more, but your new home will be worth it
  4. Buying a new build property. The builders will have everything ship shape and ready for you to move in when it is built. They will even buy your current home from you.

This list is not the complete set of circumstances in which you can continue to move house and if you want a discussion about your personal circumstances we are only too pleased to help. Call Patrick on 01772 744719 for a chat.

Why Should I Act Now?

Throughout Europe the restrictions are being eased already and timing is something to consider. If you start to prepare to move house now you will not be ready to physically move for some time.

The usual estimate for the time taken to move is ten to twelve weeks. No one really knows where we will be in that time, but things are getting better and better as time moves on and in three months the restrictions should have eased sufficiently for things to be back to the new normal. We all know that this is going to be a different normal, but whatever it is, it will not be one where we cannot buy and sell property.

It is entirely possible to go through 90% of the conveyancing process without making the final commitment. Without hitting a point where you can’t still say to everyone else, let’s just wait a while. We know where we are going, now let’s just be that little bit safer. The key things to bear in mind are that in about three months everything will be different and much better, and you do not have to finally commit until further down the line.

Moving house is a difficult worrying and time-consuming thing to deal with as it is. Most of us have a lot of time on our hands now. Instead of sitting around worrying about whether that dream house will still be there at the end of the pandemic, you may as well steal a march on everyone else while you have that time. Why not start the ball rolling now?

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