Why This Firm?

This is a specialist property firm. We have been set up to provide a service locally, and to create jobs locally. On offer is over twenty years of experience, working with domestic and commercial clients, experience in dealing with freehold and leasehold properties, flats and houses, shops and restaurants, farms and factories, working for individuals as well as companies, first time buyers, investors and anyone else who wants to buy or sell property.


The idea behind the internet is to be less expensive and to remain convenient. It does not make sense to have huge offices in major cities. (Guess who pays for them?) It is not sensible to hide half way up a mountain or in a field miles away. The huge office has to be paid for out of your fees and internet or not, access to a personal service is important. The idea is modern technology combined with traditional service. Hence Central Lancashire.


It has been noticed that Conveyancing jobs have left Lancashire. A number of estate agents and Lawers have centralised conveyancing operations outside our county.

They try to sell themselves as a one stop shop, but are far from it. The estate agency concerned is usually in Lancashire, but the conveyancer is in one of the major cities outside Lancashire. That conveyancer then has work done for them by staff in India. The firm advertising itself as a one stop local shop for your convenience is therefore actually a trans global multi-national corporation.

They communicate by telephone and email, and while you can meet the estate agent, you can't meet and speak to your conveyancer in a satisfactory way. We feel this is wrong.

Local Service

The cost of having an office in Manchester is reflected in fees charged, jobs lost here in Central Lancashire, and in service provided.

We are trying to redress the balance, we want to bring jobs back to Lancashire.

We want to provide a service that offers face to face meetings, as well as, providing high speed high tech service. That cannot be done outside the County.

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